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Michael Andersen
Long Beach, CA  USA Joined November 2010
I was born in NYC, NY on November 26, 1957. I sang at two concerts in the Bay Area in the Seventies and afterward, the people I knew at home thought I was deaf or really, "out of it" and terminated our relationship permanently. (A.K.A., "Blue Collar Man" by Styx). I started to play piano music in the Eighties and also got pretty good at guitar at that time. The school hasn't rewarded me for learning to play music with grades or notoriety which makes my finances difficult to manage. I make mp3 recordings for sale and would like to do concerts but, as far as travel, I've got to hit the gym every night for fear of how rough people were after my first concert. I have the idea that my music is good now but, I don't think I can prove to anybody that I'm worth the money I would like to charge so...... enjoy my recordings for now.
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