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Tom Bower
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Canal Fulton, OH  USA Joined July 2010
I'm a retired estimator from the power industry. I've always loved music and started playing guitar pre-Beatles. After 15 years I abruptly gave it up and sold all my gear. About two years ago I decided to get back into music...it just stays with you...kinda gets in your blood. I'm a photographer now and I've been able to connect these two passions in a small way. I just wrote my first song and I use it on my photo website for the slideshow soundtrack. A note about the music: I don't use backing tracks...all guitars, bass and vocals are mine. Percussion is programmed using software. Recording is done using a Line 6 Studio UX-1, or in some earlier work, a BOSS Micro BR. UPDATE 2018: I have been doing my own percussion work for nearly a year now using a tabletop drum kit.
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The satellite that revolutionized communications and made possible GPS, cell phones, etc. It launched on July 10, 1962.