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FREE DOWNLOAD DOES NOT MEAN FREE BEAT - LEASE A BEAT TO GAIN RIGHTS AND GET UNTAGGED VERSION. Prices: $25 - Non-Exclusive 3 for $50 and 5 for $70 GFX: 3d Text Logo: $25 Flyer/Cover | Examples Here Animations: 3d Intro/Outro for Youtube $100 w/ Original Sound Design | Examples Here Exclusive Rights: TBD based on each beat. Contact me and we can talk. Contact information: 954-461-0596 gm3beats@gmail.com txt me your info, or anything regarding sales, booking, drops, collabs, offers, networking, mixtapes, promo, graphics, 3d, web, whatever. Credits/Worked With/For: Wiz Khalifa, Gucci, Mike Jones, Flo-Rida, Brisco, New Breed, Pleasure P, Nique, Triple 7 from the Outlawz, Mr. Lexx, Johnny Juliano, Navigata, Tony B of S.O.B., Poncho, YR, Ryan Gray, Fame N Sley, Joon, DJ Paradise from X-Clan, GS, Abhinav, Meta, T-LaShawn, Tasharazzi, Natasha Meyer, Maximus, XMan, Hustle Team, J20, Mark(The Manager), HighWildYoung, Smokey D, TORI NICHOLS, FAZE, Sinate Gang, Bidness, Badguy, Sherm, Squirm Nitty, Bidness, Mugs, J, Fat, Apallo, AckTheDon, Badseed, Fly D, RJ Sheller, Live And Breathe Records, Izzo, Ivory The Human Hustle, M. Skeezy, Sincere, BSU, Platini, Panauh, Ricky Rude, Tone Tino, J. Perez, Squirm Nitti, Dac, Bidness, Snip Corleone, Lavish, Novice, Bevi, J. Norrell, Hitman, Sense, Phili Bidness, Sp3, Scarlet Rose, Hanz, Cream, J-Rose, Juno, Elus, Kid Novice, Young Chypher, J.Stylz, EOJ, Triboro, Papa Smirf, Smiley, Jason Green, Jes Leffler, Doctor Ew, NOGOOD, NPR Mu
YouTube - I See You On The Facebook - "I Like Your Status, Girl" Dec 20, 2010
Wanna laugh right now? heres a "Facebook song" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY-qEOcgXIw