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Eric Manning
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Willow Spring, NC, NC  USA Joined July 2009
Eric Manning, or E-Train as everyone calls him, is a singer/songwriter from Eastern North Carolina. With a blend of blues with a sense of humor, and songs about everyday life that everyone can relate to, he is part storyteller, part musician and part comedian. His songs are fun, lighthearted, and very entertaining. Growing up in Greenville, NC, there was always music and creativity all around him. His father is a poet, playwrite, writer and artist and plays guitar and the piano, and his mother is a soprano in several local coral groups and the chruch choir. Then there is his dad’s record collection. Filled with an eclectic mixture of classical, folk, jazz, pop, comedy and blues, he began trying to play along to the Kingston Trio, BB King and the Beatles at an early age. Seeing that Eric had a musical inclination, his dad started teaching him the guitar and piano when he was 10 years old. The guitar won hands down. He played guitar and then drums all through Jr High and High School, when he he started taking his playing serious enough to venture out into the bars and coffeehouses around East Carolina University. After graduating college in 1994 with a degree in Graphic Design, he formed a band with some friends from art school and spent 4 years playing up and down the east coast. Traveling in a fixed up airport shuttle and with a lot of time to kill, he started to write his own songs.