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Buffalo, NY  USA Joined February 2009
I've always been very much interested in music, and I write a lot of poetry and lyrics. Years ago, I was involved with a little group, writing lyrics, and later, playing guitar. I loved it, but it sadly came to an end. Soundclick has given me the opportunity to once again write lyrics to someone else's music, for which I am truly grateful, as music has always been a passion of mine. I write mostly about lost love, heartbreak, and all that goes with it. All of my lyrics are based on personal experience, as I'm sure most lyrics regarding heartbreak and love are. I throw in the occasional "happy" song, but that is not my forte. Note: If you think I'm a sad person, you are very wrong. I am happy, fun, and upbeat...I have no clue why I'm good at writing sad songs, but I am. So there ya have it :)