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Cassie Valler
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@cassie lynne
grandview, wa  USA Joined January 2009
Heya~! I'm Cassie Lynne, thanks for visiting! Chances are.. you're seeing whatever I could finish in last minutes between projects, stuff thats going on and a search for peace... It will change, move around, and be messed with. I don't know what it will look like in between, but thanks for stopping by! So I am learning the ins and outs of becoming a songwriter. I still thoroughly enjoy singing what I write; but it is just as fun to hear someone take what I made, and create their own thing! (See: "I see the sky" above) I am planning this year to be a developmental year for me, and i'm honing my skills as we speak. I don't really have a band, but I am currently collaborating with many friends to help my writing skills. I've got some Simon's and some Paula's in there... I think you need both to learn and grow. So who am I writing for? Really anyone that wants me to. I'm looking for places to submit my songs for actual production, so if you're looking for songs, or have any helpful hints, please contact me! Currently I'm writing for Tara Collins. (see myspace ;link above) You know, life is a huge experience. Some people vent, some run, some yell; I really have to analyze what I'm experiencing. Whether its a song, or just journal yelling for later, I really go through things slowly and its a long process for me. Whatever I'm living, I usually have to put it through a very messy process that ends up with something I do-over later. Thanks for reading!