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marseille, France Joined November 2008
DJ2She is a veteran producer and DJ based out of Marseille, France. He initially began his inception into the French Music Industry as a DJ. He has collaborated with many pioneers in the French Hip Hop music industry such DJ Kheops of IAM on Sad Street, Psy4 De La Rime (very popular group in France, from Marseille), Cut Killer and recently collaborated on the mixtape Ghetto Blaster of K-Rhyme Le Roi. To date, DJ2she produced Freeman's (of IAM) last lp "L'espoir d'un creve" and also the mixtape “En Haut La Misere Paye. Vol.1” He is currently working in the studio with Namor and also serves as his DJ. In the American Market, DJ2She sound is becoming more sought after where he collaborated with, “Strange Fruit” and did the official remix for their single “The Feeling”. When producing his beats, the Hip Hop scene in New York as well as the West Coast inspires 2She. He uses a variety of genres such as Soul, Funk, RNB to enhance the uniqueness of his production style. DJ2she released two Instrumental CD's under his label Fight Klub Music entitled Instrumentalistic Vol.1 and II, composed exclusively of original beats that serves as a reference for many MC's and DJ's