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Nancy Seymour
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Freeport, Bahamas Joined October 2008
My Cluttered Life Nov 21, 2008
Here is an excerpt from my daily journal. Monday, Sept. 8 -- 2008 It's 3 a.m., and all is quiet, except for the faint barking of our neighbour's dog. I've found that this is a good time for solitude--that is, a good time for reflection and meditation. I'm sitting in our den looking around at the shelves with all the books and cds. I'm reminded about something my husband said yesterday in Sunday School (he is the Sunday School teacher for our adult class). He said that life often becomes 'cluttered' with unnecessary things. He talked about when we first moved into our home and how there was just so much space everywhere. Now as we look around, there are just so many things. . .unused, unnecessary things. He said that we allow our lives to become full of so many things that are not important, that we become confused and lose sight of the things that are important . . .things like our service for God and to each other. I read Psalm 119:130 as part of my devotions this morning. It says, "The entrance of thy words gives light . . ." I am so thankful that in those times I am confused and overwhelmed by the 'extra things' in my life, I can look to God's Word for clarity. He makes all things plain and brings relief to my often 'cluttered' life. Nancy.