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Hamm, NRW  Germany Joined June 2008
Meditazian, conciouznezz en d luv of the MOZT MASSIV FADA d maker make me muv unu, me giv thankz tu unu fi pozitivity. BIOGRAPHY: MASSIV REX started singing at a tender age of five. From the age of ten MASSIV REX represented his schools,clubs and lokal government in several literary debate, games, lit competitions, cultural dance groups, theatre groups, fashion and trend, youth clubs and organisations, rap battles, dancing competitions, voluntary organizations, e.g. boyscout, nigerian navy cadet ,etc. At 15 he became a T.V presenter for the former clapper board television station,Lagos performed in several Mega Jam shows and the founder of the Royal MCEEZ at the eraly age of eleven. MASSIV REX is a Member of Tuklan since 1998 the Nigerian Number 1 Reggae-Dancehall Duo who has worked with various international prominent and upcoming Artists like Ras Kimono, Anthony B., Beenie Man, Shaham(Brosis), DJTomekk, DJ Bo, DR Alban, Rico Bernasconi, Riki(Tic,Tac,Toe), Jonathan Akpoborie. Also as Tuklan, MASSIV REX has performed in significant Music Arenas e.g. Youth Messe, Summer Jam(live on stage with Anthony B.), Reggae Summer Night Hamm, Budda Lounge, Apollo,etc. Internationaly, Italy(Discothek Maskare), London(Christal Palace), Tuklan & Kimono live in Austria, Tuklan & Audiosmog in Lettland, Tuklan & DJ Tomekk in Switzerland, Tuklan & DJ Tomekk in Poland, Tuklan in Netherland etc. Videoshooting in Amsterdam with Beenie man for the song ‘’J
YHWH IS HERE Sep 25, 2014
"YHWH IS HERE" SONG HIGHEST POSITION #8 IN GOSPEL CHARTS NOW AVAILABLE AS FREE DOWNLOAD! https://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=841350&songID=12919874