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bath, United Kingdom Joined May 2008
Klo born in 1980, real name Chloe Davidson is a British singer, songwriter, and producer. klo has been singing all her life and grew up listening to jungle ,rnb ,and soul music. Klo finished her music diploma in the southwest of England and set out to make her debut album. Klo s vocal range is quite extensive. She has that soul vibe mixed with a commercial feel.Klo wanted this record to be of a bossa nova / drum and bass genre, It had to be commercial in a melodic way but hard enough for the masses .Over the last few years Klo and producer Flash (Clive Gordon) have made various dance tracks from hard dnb to light melodic jazzy tracks .Klo `s debut album has a subtle samba feel programmed and played live with some good beats and melodies. Performances of this album and forth coming releases are backed by a 3 piece horns section, live drums n bass band an Apple Mac system triggering off loops and samples, plus decks and vocalists. Klo “I wanted to make a drum n bass album as I’ve always loved funky beats and spent the best part of my youth travelling the country to all the free parties. My influences are anything good .I don’t have a specific genre I like .I wouldn’t mind doing a RnB album at one point but for the moment my interests lie in the funky samba style of drum n bass ... “. klo s album entitled “ Debut ” will be out June 10. For any enquires please mail : klostar@hotmail.co.uk