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JT Milhorat
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Bedford, NY  USA Joined March 2008
Zythum Studios - January 2014 Jan 9, 2014
Hello everyone, There will be some expansive inclusions to the song list this year, if all studio compositions work out as I hope. I work alone and the pressure of that sometimes takes it's toll. There are almost 70 songs on my soundclick music page, but I have no way of knowing what people think of my work, because they never comment. This means allot to me to hear what you all are thinking! Tell it like it is and let me understand what your perceptions are regarding the Zythum Music that you hear. There is a variety of selections, so it is not all of the same style. Any response at all would be greatly appreciated! Happy New Year!! Yours truly, John Thomas Milhorat Zythum Studios - 1st Take Productions