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Paul Ocdol
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Quezon City, Manila  Philippines Joined December 2007
"I aint shamed of da GOSPEL of CHRIST cuz IT is da power of GOD unto SALVATION to everyone who believes yo!" - ROMANS 1:16 Hey YO! Dis is yo boy JC-Rapper n dis is how it goes down! Lemme break down some thangs for y'all. First thang y'all gotta know is dat I aint ashamed of preachin' da GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. I'ma boast da fact dat I serve a GOD who's HUGE, SOVEREIGN, POWERFUL, n EXTREMELY GREAT. HE created dis world. HE's NEVER ENDIN'. Preachin' n' representin' HIS name is ma game. Dis is ma lifestyle. Yes, it is not a religion." As an answer to da GREAT COMMISION, I'ma spread da WORD, the HOLY BIBLE, to da lost. I'ma tell da world 'bout HIS message. I'm out to take da BIBLE n spread da GOOD NEWS. Lemme be clear to y'all. I do dis to boast da LORD n glorify HIS name. Yup, ya read it right. Keep it straight. Don't get it twisted. Dis is what a true son of a KING does. Y'all know what it is. "GOD is GREAT n ALMIGHTY!"