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USA Joined October 2007
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MK ULTRA Jan 19, 2013
Getting ToKnow A Few Of The Super Stars Of MK-Ultra Program I Posted This On The Web Site - Sandy Hook What Can We Do. How Much You Wanna Bet This Doesn't get Past The Moderators They Really Don't Want To Help They ALL Just Want Your Guns For The Authoritarian Take Over Of America & The World. "We Can Stop Sponsoring Black Op's On American Soil. James Holmes Was A DARPA Sponsored PHD For Those Of You Who Don't Know They Run The MK-ULTRA, Projects Monarch & Artichoke & Rainbow. Programs Which Brain Wash The Assasins Unbeknownst To Them. Look Into Who Participated In these Programs. Lee Harvey Oswald Shot John F Kennedy Supposedly But E Howard Hunt Admitted To Being 1 Of The Three Hobos Detained At The Grassy Knoll & Participated In What Our FBI Called The Big Event During 62-63. This Is Proven In Nixon The Movie Nixon Says We Have To Pay Off E Howard Hunt He Has The Water Gate Tapes Wich The Missing Section Of Tape Verifies Nixon & Johnsons Complicity W / Hunt. Nixon Said " He's Out Of Control He's Demandimg 25 Million To Stay Quiet" The Aid Asks What Should We Do? Nixon, " Just Pay Him The God Damn money Then", Jack Ruby Shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Theodore Kaczynski Uni Bomber,Merry Prankster Ken Kasey, James "Whitey" Bulger Mobster,Mark David Chapman Killed John Lennon,Lawrence Teeter Sirhan Sirhan's Lawer,Sirhan Sirhan Shot Robert F Kennedy, Jim Jones cult and Peoples Temple Guyana mass suicide, James Holmes Aurora Colorado Shooter, Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold Columbine Shootings, Adam Lanza Abducted & Missing For 3 Years Then Magically Shows Up Years Later To Kill Children He Never Knew At Sandy Hook?? Right Anders Brevick Norway Mass Shooter & Bombing Of Private School, Jared Loughner Shot & Killed An Arizona Judge & Shot Gabrielle Gifford Who Was In A Coma. DARPA Did Suspended Animation Experiments W/ The Pentagon & Revived Her. Then Got 1 billion $$ Grant From U.S. Gov't. For Further Resaearch. Could They Have Done that W/ Out Gifford As The Test Subject?? No Only A Notable Individual Would Have Worked. Face The Facts Or Just Get Used To The Orchestrated Carnage You Better Make Up Your Mind Quick Wake The Hell Up Before You Kill America For Your Future Generations"