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One cloudy day in paradise, an evil seed came to destroy all Art ¥ Music that brought subculture to the people… You see without subculture there would be no revolution, without revolution there is no vision. The Grime gave birth to the 3 lb. 6 oz underdog baby boy named Maestro. Docs said he wouldn't make it 13 days out of the womb, the tiny little fellow couldn't stand a chance. Weeks later his parents noticed that Maestro not only was a survivor but he inherited the family Grime. No matter how much the they bathed him there was a violet glow about him. As an only child Mr. Grime wanted a brother but instead was given a pet Mushroom. They went everywhere together, them two. They balanced each other so well they were inseparable. Always having each others backs, they were brothers…in Grime they trusted. Early on Mr. & Mushroom got into skateboarding and filming videos, at night they started to roam the blocks and practice their handstyles. His parents didn't care for their artistic talents when the police first showed up to his door looking for a vandal that left his mark behind. They were punished to repaint the whole building and was forbidden to ever paint in the streets again... Then one day Daddy Grime brought him his first 6 pack of flat black and a gas mask under one circumstance. He will use it to paint murals with permission from the owner. He of course used that paint to get up around the whole town soon enough becoming a Vandal!