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Tigre Fino
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Miami, FL  USA Joined October 2006
Exotic lyrics, emerging out of the ordinary and with a promising attitude to shock your sense, that’s the characterization of Tigre Fino, also know as Mr. Dominican. Born lyricist in the heart of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and raised as a rapper and reggaeton artist by destiny. The writer, composer and performer Jorge Tigre Fino Castillo passed his adolescence writing poems, urban songs and making local artistic presentation as a hobby without knowing that his talented skills will revolutionize his future. But not wasn’t until 2008 that this stellar composer wrote and produced 16 songs in a short period of less than three months including 13 songs in Spanish and 3 songs in English. Also in 2009 he became part of The Global Climate Change Music Project in Melbourne, Australia. This is one of the biggest humanitarian and worldwide projects which include 193 composers from around the world, and each composer is representing his/her own country. His words not only have encouraged many young talents to follow their dreams but also to keep working hard to make their dreams come true. Now Tigre Fino has become a worldwide icon in the urban music and is captivating different cultures within all kind of ages and generations. Tigre Fino www.tigrefinomusic.com
Pa Lo Oscuro Mami Jul 12, 2013
Chequeate mi mas reciente sencillo Pa Lo Oscuro Mami, Para que te recuerdes de tus momentos de trabesuras cuando ibas pa las esquinas oscuras y callejones. Esta cancion se la dedico a las mamis que le gusta ir Pa Lo Oscuroooooo Tigre Fino www.tigrefinomusic.com