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Kream-Da-V B.K.M.G
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dorchester, ma  USA Joined September 2006
I rolls dolo from N.Y.(Brooklyn) to Boston writing down some mean ass sixteens, i get a rush with my lyrics from the view of the country side, its off the meters. I'm from Flatbush N.Y., Da 8th Syde(East 28th street) to be exact. Where not too many of us dudes make it out alive(R.I.P to Mad Maxx..we miss you nikka) I stay glued to ESPN and the NBA channel watchin hightlights and all that. Beantown is like a second home to a player so you already know im out there makin my dough satck with thought to quit rap..sike..lol..a lil humor for the soul and fo those takin their time out to read dis shit. Im up nex i guess..yo Black see you in the game...To Be Continued..