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Sreyas Krishnan
@HR 10-01-07
Denver, CO  USA Joined August 2006
I love baseball, Colorado, music and livin' life. I am a mechanical engineering student at CU-Boulder and I plan to pursue a career somewhere in the engineering field once I graduate; that is, unless this music thing works out!
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Apr 06, 2011
Hello, *listening to your Mario Golf remix*. Very interesting stuff, congrats! I've done some MIDI covers about the Mario Golf series. I very like what Sakuraba wrote on those games. Happy sequencing for the continuation. ;)
Jan 06, 2009
IONI FERICI vehicular the right human with the music. ........"NON CASUALITA'MA DIRITTI PER TUTTI GLI ESSERI UMANI"....... ........"Not SUBJECT'' BUT rights for all human beings". ....... hollidayrain Good morning !
Sep 05, 2008
I can't wait to hear your Through the Fire and flames Remix!!..You're amazing make it!
Aug 26, 2008
Hi, paseed by and listened. Liked it, so wanted to ask you to listen to mine. I think you'll like Panafusion. Have a wonderful week, Love and music, Zilia