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Saginaw, TX  USA Joined June 2006
I am both an author and a graphic artist, though my three cats would tell you a different story. They're of the opinion that my only reason for existence is to feed them, pet them and let them in or out of the house! They're good kitties though, and make wonderful companions. Being a writer is a lot like living on a wild roller coaster. Sometimes all you can do is hang on for the ride while the story pours out of your fingers, and sometimes you have to fight tooth and nail for every letter! It's a lot of fun, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It would be nice though if inspiration didn't insist on hitting me after the lights were out and I was half-asleep so often! All of my books are available on Amazon.com or other online stores, however you can also order them from the publisher. For more information on them, as well as reviews and illustrations, see my web site at: http://sojourn.omnitech.net. I am also a graphic artist. I'm available to create posters, CD covers as well as other projects. I charge nothing but credit and request permission to display the finished graphics in my online gallery which can be viewed at: http://artwanted.com/crystalwizard
Finally made a bit of music Sep 4, 2008
Not much, but it's something. I'm trying to learn how to work ACID 6 so I've created a couple of short tracks out of loops from Looperman. They're free to download if anyone wants them. I'd like some feed back on them too.