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Dexter Graham
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Jacksonville, FL  USA Joined February 2006
I first jumped into this music thing back in the mid 90's rapping with a local group here in Jacksonville. From that I came across the ASR-10 and spent many days and nights, to the dismay of my then girlfriend, making as many beats possible on it. That experience hooked me on making beats and producing songs. It surpassed rhyming as my #1 musical love easily. I never stopped and would often put that before working on lyrics. Some of the guys in the group, though they later choked, got the idea that we should all go down to Full Sail in Winter Park, FL. I ended up going alone and there found my second love, or rather another side to the first, in audio engineering. Once I graduated I was dead broke and came back home before planning to head up to NY to meet up with my mates from college. Never happened and I think you know why. Anyway, after coming back people felt threatened by my new found knowledge and I eventually left the group I was in. After that I stopped rhyming all together. Now I freelance as a tracking and mixing engineer mostly, making beats for people I'm down with and selling them at my leisure. The beats on the MmmmMmmm Bitch page are products of me tinkering here and there rather than doing stuff for specific projects for the most part. I've only recently decided to make a real effort of seeking out clients and producing to make money. If you're a rapper or singer please contact me. I'd be a great addition to your projects or your money bac