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Terra Stolberg
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SLC, Utah  USA Joined January 2006
I am a lesbian, and if you want to make stupid imature comments to anyone, this is the wrong person My government name is Terra Stolberg, I no longer go to regular High School,I'm studying to get my GED.I was born and raised in E-Town(Eureka,CA) in Humboldt County, home of the best bud, yeah it's true. However, bud, is not the only thing that grows in Humboldt County, music, is also grown rich here.I now live in Salt Lake City,Utah to expand my music carreer and be with my girl(yeah ladies Im TAKEN) I am from the hip hop culture, everything from the way I speak to the way I dress. I was born on September 23,1992.I started recording my music when I was 12 at the MARZ(Media Arts Resource Zone). I started with baby steps, recording that music and burning them to CD's to give to my friends. It wasn't untill my dad got out of prison in late 2005, that I plunged head first into the hip hop industry. My dad and I unpacked all of his old equiptment and recorded songs untill 4 in the morning. It was then that I decided to make a musicain myspace page. Four years later I have my own record label, my own rap group, a large fanbase, and an even larger hater base, and I LOVE IT! I have put on one show in January of 2009[2009 Jump Off] it was a great success[fetured in 2 newspapers, and on the radio], and I am hoping to do more. I have performed at a variety of places. EHS bonfires of 06-07 school year and 08-09 school year, Tech Williams Monsta Bash,and Myspace Party,and my shows the 2