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Matthew Dubas
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Parsippany, NJ  USA Joined January 2006
As a MIDI-accordionist with over 12 years experience making music, I've played from coast to coast and points in between, playing Ukrainian-American weddings and other special events with various bands. As a solo artist, I play cocktail hours, pub nights and other intimate settings. Predominantly, I play Ukrainian folk and popular meolodies, but try to breathe new life into the old arrangements. I've got projects cooking all the time. Currently, I'm in the process of making a solo demo and have recently joined a band called Svitanok (www.ukeband.com). We hope to put out a recording soon. My set-up is pretty bare-bones, with a Roland V-Accordion FR-7, a Yamaha QY100 and a BOSS BR-900CD. I'm a newbie, learning sequencing and recording techniques as I go. The best part about my system is it's portable allowing me to compose and record almost anywhere, without disturbing others around me. Eventually, I'll get a laptop setup, but I gotta start somewhere. Let me know what you think!