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Bradley Rountree
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Waterbury, CT  USA facebook.com/bradley.rountree.5 Joined June 2000
I write and sing songs. Songs I call HeartWritings. (They are not just words to the wise. But a good word written on the tender tablet; your heart.)
"I want to carry on where my mother and her sisters left off," says Bradley "B*Blessed" Rountree. His enthusiasm for singing is heard through his songs. He has a voice that not only speaks to the older generation, but speaks to the younger generation also. B*Blessed said, " it is not about black nor white, rich nor poor, young nor old, it is about the love of God in our hearts." His work is attracting the attention of many listeners, producers, and entertainment groups all of the worldwide web. B*Blessed finds musical opportunities opening for him that were only a dream. INSIDE, his first album, "HeartWritings," is recordings which B*Blessed record himself, songs for your heart, mind, body, and soul. According to B*Blessed , his intention is "to get music back to a more honest, special kind of communication, which he feel is deep within everyone of us." B*Blessed spends hours at a time recording his songs over and over, until it is perfect. He said, "I am a songwriter, so when I hear instrumental music, its like the words are already there."B*Blessed s music is played by a friend whom he calls a musical genius. B*Blessed not only is a musical genius, with all the lyrics to back it up, he is also writing a book, which he hopes to be completed by the end of this year. B*Blessed hopes to get his music heard in the movies. Smiling, B*Blessed says, "I have the right kind of music, for the right kind of movie." If you want fresh, new talent, check out Bradley "B*Blessed" Rountree. His music is all for the heart. "All I want to do is be able to send peace all over the world through my songs."
War and it's effect on us Aug 20, 2014
If war was able to have a baby, the baby would be named hate. That is what's happening in the world today. Hate is the offspring of war. We all need to understand putting our hands up is not enough. As long as we continue with this war, we will continue breed hate. So I believe police officers should be debriefed and retrained in special training that will help stop all these murders by cops or what I called the war...on citizens. The war effect is real.