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Tristan Krause
@Tristan on the Track
Fresno, CA  USA Joined June 2005
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Apr 25, 2020
Tristan is my digital produce/ buddy great beat even funk n groove bass guitar how the fuck u do it lol
Apr 25, 2020
Diligently looking for that Halloween beat for lease possibly for sale
Sep 15, 2008
go look 4 smith boyz productionz 4 hard ass music !!
Aug 11, 2008
Gotta track up on my myspace called JOOSE, its a banger to "GRIND HARD", its legit, lets talk business MYSPACE.COM/DAKIDDOW
Aug 05, 2008
Hey I was interested in that beat "Ashes To Ashes", I was interested in leasing it but can you tell me where to send the check to lease it, you can contact me on my message board or send me a email at RapperNY172@aol.com, Please let me know ASAP.
Jul 30, 2008
thank you for the phat add :) regards Marc
Apr 16, 2008
da no no yo dont go if u on parolle or hate po-po! locked up cekspree for da track fpd killa,,,,peep repin my block,,,repin ya beat sh***s hot belive....
Apr 05, 2008
good sh*** family lets work together sumtime! www.soundclick.com/PhreeAgentProductionz
Jan 08, 2008
Sup bro. Tight sounds. I did one of ur FD's n put it on Myspace. aint nothing special but check it. Peace http://www.myspace.com/xampledna
Dec 06, 2007
What playboy Ive been trying to get a hold of you! I really would like to use one of your beats for a mix tape. How can we make this happen? Please contact me asap. this album is going to be fire I have producers Like Ice Drake that did splash water falls for luda, I Got purps productions, Sean Divine, and many others. I will be a good look in San Francisco, La, Atlanta, and New York. Holla back I already did a pre pro to one of your beats and I would really like to get the beat tracked out from you. Hit me on my email eskabodaansf@yahoo.com or myspace.com/alcatrazent or my soundclick. Hope to hear from you soon. Jade Castro C>E>O Alcatraz Ent United Kings records