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Han Uil is a singer/ songwriter/lead guitarist and frontman of the former symphonic rock band Antares. His distinctive voice and playing the guitar attracts att
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Peak in sub-genre #24
Listen to this, if you dare! This is the opening track from the album Esoteric Euphony
Peak position #86
This is a sax,guitar and hammond driven blues rock song. This song will be on my new solo album "Lawless Local Heroes" to be released in the summer of 2015
Peak in sub-genre #79
bring it on and show me what youve got I can tell if its talent or a reflex move your legs babe, oh I think youre hot Ill just watch cause, no, I just cant dance This song will be on my new album Lawless Local Heroes (t.b.r. summer 2015)
I see a ghost in each room, they won't let me forget How could I ever betray you, hear the sound of regret -------------------- This song will be on my new solo album "Lawless Local Heroes" to be released in the summer of 2015 http://www.hanuil.com
This is a song about our best friend...the mobile phone
This is a neo progressive symphonic atmospheric rock song...or something
Peak in sub-genre #37 1
This track from this Dutch songwriter is almost perfectly categorized as classic rock - practically straight out of the late 60's/early 70'...... (Eclectic Connection)
instrumental featuring some dreamy, spacy guitar stuff
Peak position #100
a rather 'funny' catchy bluesy song about a sad old rusty flute...
This is quite a long (6:30) piano driven pop/rock song with a nice instrumental build-up. Starts out romantic and dreamy, builds into intense.
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