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Han Uil
Han Uil is a singer/ songwriter/lead guitarist and frontman of the former symphonic rock band Antares. His distinctive voice and playing the guitar attracts att
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Taken from the album 'Han Uil - Walking in Circles' (2022) For more info: https://hanuil.bandcamp.com/album/walking-in-circles https://www.facebook.com/hanuilmusician
Devil's night
Listen to this, if you dare! This is the opening track from the album Esoteric Euphony
Little stripper girl
bring it on and show me what youve got I can tell if its talent or a reflex move your legs babe, oh I think youre hot Ill just watch cause, no, I just cant dance This song will be on my new album Lawless Local Heroes (t.b.r. summer 2015)
Stay tonight
I see a ghost in each room, they won't let me forget How could I ever betray you, hear the sound of regret -------------------- This song will be on my new solo album "Lawless Local Heroes" to be released in the summer of 2015 http://www.hanuil.com
Ring thing
This is a song about our best friend...the mobile phone
Han Uil - Eternally
Han Uil (born on August 8th, 1976 in Groningen/Holland) is a singer/ songwriter/lead guitarist and frontman of the former symphonic rock band Antares. His distinctive voice and playing the guitar attracts attention.
Band/artist history
Han Uil is a Dutch musician and record producer for his solo albums. He is best known as as composer/vocalist/guitarist for TumbleTown (a collaboration with Aldo Adema and Erik Laan) and as frontman for the bands Antares and Seven Day Hunt. In 2006 he released his debut solo album ‘Alone’ and in 2010 the well received second studio album ‘Dark in Light’ followed by the Americana influenced album ‘Han Lawless local heroes’ (2015) . Han started writing songs in the mid nineties. Gaining experience as a singer-songwriter by recording two acoustic solo albums on and old 4-track and playing lead guitar in a couple of indie bands. In 2000 he became front man of the Dutch progressive rock band Antares. The in own management released album ‘Choking the Stone’ (2001) was praised in the press. Noteworthy was a spot at the ProgPower Europe festival in 2002. Three years later the band decided to disband. Accompanied by former Antares band mates he created the mellow, unconstrained debut album ‘Alone’. The album was a bit underexposed, but it included some strong tracks like ‘Alone on the rack’ and the Peter Hammill cover ‘Just good friends’. In the same year Han was approached by Seven Day Hunt to write lyrics and record vocals for an album in the making. He joined the band, consisting of three former Edgon Heath members. Two years later the album ‘File this dream’ was released on UK label Festival records. It has been regarded as one of the most mature albums of the last decade from the Dutch progressive rock scene. During the finishing of this album Han started writing material for a next solo effort. With ‘Dark in light’ (2010) Han created a very diverse but consistent record what had become a blend of (progressive) rock, blues and singer-songwriter style songs.Featuring guest performances by Seven Day Hunt members Aldo Adema, Jaap Mulder and Carola Magermans. Han and Aldo co-operated on one song of this album ‘Memento’. Because this successful cooperation, they both decided to start a new studio project. TumbleTown was born. TumbleTown’s debut album ‘Done with the coldness’ had been released by FREIA Music, a Dutch independent music label in June 2013. The album is a brilliant mix of progressive and mainstream rock. Meanwhile Han mastered two albums by Silhouette and started working on his third solo album ‘Lawless local heroes’.In 2015 Han released his third solo album ‘Lawless local heroes’. Shortly after, Aldo and Han decided to record a second TumbleTown album. During the production of the album, Silhouette keyboardist Erik Laan joined TumbleTown as a member. And then there were three! ‘Never too late’ (2018) was released by FREIA music and featured ten adventurous songs written by Han and powered by the solid drums of musical guest and Erik’s son, Arjan Laan (Skylake). The album was praised by most of the press. In 2019 Han returns with his fourth solo album ‘Esoteric Euphony’ featuring ten daring songs in the line of TumbleTown, but with a twist. For this album Han is accompanied by Peter H. Boer (S.O.T.E., Illumion) on bass, Maurizio Antonini on drums. Furthermore, there are additional vocal performances by Esther Ladiges (Illumion), Caroline Joy and Kate Mitchell.
Your musical influences
Peter Hammill, Neil Young, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, Dire Straits, Jethro Tull, Marillion, Camel, Pink Floyd.
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