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Spearman Beats
Spearman Beats
7 Tracks
Spearman Music HipHop & experimental instrumentals for lease and sale now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Priced from $50.00 available in all formats
It Began in 2000. Using the the most primitive and limited supplies available the Spearman started crafting his sound. Working 50 hour weeks at a local slave labour tyre store on the North Shore of Auckland he spent 7 years working on his pride and joy thru the nights. When the stars are in the correct alignment... the right sound would be produced. Privacy and concentration was crucial during this time. As was timing and perseverment. After the basics and origins of hip hop were studied and learnt the Spearman starting reaching out to help local and international emcees who were in the need of quality real instrumentals to project their lyrics on to. Travelling the entire length of New Zealand the Spearman was able to work with the finest underground artists in his country and put the word out there that there did exist a real sound for local artists to work with that would never sell out like the majority of the NZ Hiphop scene * The essence of sampling the greatest compositions of the past played a major part in the Soulful sound the Spearman creates. The past 3 years has seen many of lifes changes which have changed the Spearmans view on the world and on life it self. 2010 sees the time of revealing the secrets and mysteries behind the work he has put in over the past 10 years. Rather than keeping a cloud of secrecy over his arts the spearman will now rise from under the grounds he was established and allow the world to purchase the 1000's of masterpieces he has created in hope to influence and expand the growing love and need for real hip hop out there. The time has come!
Band/artist history
Read the introduction. The Spearman has collaborated with many artists from New Zealand and around the world. including .... Mind Molestahz, Flat 10, Mad War, Menace Records, Devastator, White Lotus, Wu Fam, Seraph Guard, Purpose to name a few.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Behind the scenes more than anything. Hosted 104.6 planet FMs Cyphers Corner during 07 - 08. Appeared on many hiphop radio shows over the past 3 years
Your musical influences
Eastern Philosophies and the Ancient Secrets of the universe. Wu Tang and underground artists worldwide. Soul artists from 60s and 70s and much of the traditional folk music from the ages
What equipment do you use?
PC programmes Synths Drum Machines Guitar The Mind and Soul
Anything else?
The Great Architect fore sees the change that is coming
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