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Iron Will
Iron Will
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A classic power-trio configuration. Some material is live, some studio. Crank it up and enjoy!
Leave Me Alone, studio
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Forest Of Flowers, studio
Today #30 in Psychedelic Rock subgenre
It Don't Really Matter To Me, studio
Today #45 in Progressive Rock subgenre
Wicked World, rehearsal
Today #51 in Cover Songs subgenre
Iron Will was Jim Mato, guitar and vocal, and Carmine Fergo, drums and percussion. Jimmy Condoluci originally played bass. Material was primarily written by Mato and arranged by Fergo. The original band existed from 1979 to 1983. Mato & Fergo continued together on and off 'til 2004, in different projects. A 2002 MkII version of Iron Will (though never named as a band) featured Ben Sandoval on Bass. See Band History below.
Band/artist history
The band Iron Will (in)effectively dissolved around 1984 due to relational circumstances: we all got married within a couple of years. Not to each other, (which would have worked out far better, in 20/20 retrospect;) but to women who quickly or eventually either dissuaded any and all musical pursuits, or betrayed us outright, (waah; boo-hoo!) We did have some incredible times of studio work, live performances (such as headlining at My Father's Place in Roslyn, NY;) and radio airplay (WUSB/StonyBrook and three nights in a row on WBAB's Homegrown.) There were more jam sessions-reunions, but bassist Jimmy Condoluci had by this time moved upstate. Guitarist Jim Mato and myself (Carmine Fergo, drummer/engineer/producer,) would continue to work together on and off until 2004. One of those collaborations was a live blues band (as opposed to a non-live recording project.) This was CrossCut, from 2000-2002, and was great fun, and well-received too. Maybe I'll post some here: we did do a couple of originals. Eventually, inevitably and inexorably, Jim and I were drawn back to the Iron Will material; its energy, power and sheer challenge to play. Thus revitalized, we began work on brand-new material that could honestly carry the "Iron Will brand". These later, faith-themed songs: "Four Horsemen", "Rapture-Waiting", and what would be our Piece de Resistance, "What Is Truth"; acted as a musical resurrection for the two of us, and we quickly realized that we ought to bring in a bass player so as to have a real Band to do them. Enter Ben Sandoval. Talented, smart and very enthusiastic, Ben was the perfect complement to, and catalyst for us. I wish I could write that we performed to much acclaim, or even played out at all, but we stayed in recording/rehearsal mode until I decided to exit, due to mounting differences between Jim and myself. I truly regret to say that this became irreversible when Jim Mato left this plane in September 2008. Jim: you were possessed of immense and awesome talent, heart, humour and personality. Not only that, you were a brother. Let this music, which you birthed, forever be a testament to you and what you, and we, aspired to.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live is what substantiates and epitomizes music. Music, unlike any and all other artforms, exists within the framework of time. Recording/saving a performance is possible, but can never replace the experience of presence. So then everything is special. Sadly, it's no longer possible for this band to perform.
Your musical influences
Mitch Miller; The Carpenters... C'mon, whadd'ya think?!?
What equipment do you use?
Whatever's loud and responsive.
Anything else?
We naively believed that this material (and us playing it) ought to have gone further. Who knew, or knows?
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