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Peep Show Junkies
Peep Show Junkies
2 Tracks
Brandon (Vocals) Bobby (Guitars)
Artist: PEEP SHOW JUNKIES Title: End Decent Exposure Genre: Rock-n-Roll Year: 2012 Label: Anoroc Entertainment, LLC Studio: Olmos Studio, Madrid SPAIN Capture Sound, Brooklyn NY Engineered: Juan Olmos and Paul Schellack Mastered at: Capture Sound by Paul Schellack Produced By: PEEP SHOW JUNKIES and Paul Schellack Contact: 212-613-5400 ABOUT THE BAND: Born in 2009 from the demise of NY based band BIG BLOCK, and the collaboration of its remaining and founding member Bobby Lingo and NYCs SHANGHAI LILLYs lead vocalist Brandon Rouge. These two longtime friends have been writing and recording together for many years. Ready to take all that hard work to the next level, Brandon suggested they use a different approach. Do not play live until they had a product to sell. After all playing live is nothing but a promotional tool to sell products. That was the blueprint to establishing PEEP SHOW JUNKIES. They rehearsed for several months to prepare to record a full length CD. Once they began putting down the basic tracks they were faced with the usual snags that go with a project of this nature. With commitment, scheduling and financial issues started to take its toll. Just after the basic tracks to a few songs Brandon and Bobby decided to fire their bassist and drummer. With determi-nation and a commitment to each other to finish what they started, they found a way around those issues and moved forward like two Rock-n-Roll war dogs. Brandon found another equal counterpart in STAR MAFIA BOY, Spains answer to Johnny Thunders. Sharing so many of the same interests musical as well as clothes styles, their introduction through the help of Brandons girlfriend and Facebook made for a Rock-n-Roll fable in itself. Brandons approach to have STAR MAFIA BOY record one of the PEEP SHOW JUNKIS songs in Spanish and PEEP SHOW JUNKIES record a STAR MAFIA BOY song in English became the start of new friendship and partnership. STAR MAFIA BOY Released Karousel Kitten in Spanish on his La Noche De Los Vampiros CD. With the English version of STAR MAFIA BOYS ADDICTION TO LUST ready for re-lease. Brandon contacted STAR MAFIA BOY to ask if he would help finish recording the basic tracks to a few of the PEEP SHOW JUNKIES songs he said SerĂ­a un honor I would be honored. Brandon proceeded to email the demos of the songs and the financing for studio time. Within 2 weeks those basic tracks were back in Brooklyn to be finalized. The real magic of this project is that it was completely done in the universal language of music. With Brandon and Bobby not speaking a word of Spanish nor their counterparts speaking a word of English. It was said before and now we say again Let The Music Do The Talking CHEERS PEEP SHOW JUNKIES
Band/artist history
Not a full band so there is no real history other then About The Band
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet.
Your musical influences
The Stones, The Beatles, The NY Dolls, The Ramones, All the girl groups from the 60's, Aerosmith, Zepplin, Muddy Waters, The Dead Boys, Hanoi Rocks, Sex Pistols, Dogs D'amour.
What equipment do you use?
Gibson, Fender and Marshall
Anything else?