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Nightscape (US)
Nightscape (US)
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Nightscape is the brainchild of ex Ash To Dust guitarist Lael Clark. Having been in the underground metal scene for the better part of 17 years, Nightscape is h
Nightscape is my solo project, and it is intended to fulfill a different side of me than I am able to show in Brutesquad. Brutesquad being a Hardcore band, Nightscape allows me to showcase my blend of Death, Thrash, and Black Metal influences.
Band/artist history
I formed Nightscape quite simply an extension of what I do. I had ideas for songs, and wasn't in a band at the time to flesh them out.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nightscape has no plans of playing live.
Your musical influences
Musical influences for me are so widespread and varied. It all depends on my mood. I am a huge fan and supporter of death metal, black metal, old-school thrash, new-school thrash, hardcore, crossover, doom, power metal...Basically, literally any of these influences can crop up in a Nightscape song. I have blended influences in the course of one song.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars - B.C. Rich Ironbird, B.C. Rich Jr V; Bass - ESP B-55; Amplification - Line 6 Flextone II Head, Behringer BX4410 Ultrabass combo; Cabs - Marshall and Crate 4X12; Recording - Sonic Foundry Vegas Pro, Beta Monkey drum loops, M-Audio mobile Pre preamp
Anything else?
Keep your eyes open for the other band pages linked to my personal page. These are all bands that I have been in and recorded with. Thanks for checking out this page, and spread the word!