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Burst Settee
Burst Settee
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A fledgeling fart-arser, basically finding my feet and what not? It is my part-time mission to occasionally make stuff to confuse, boggle or irritate the shit
Ready to go, got to hit the streets, don't even...
Peak position #91
Toto - The Dukes Death (Burst Settee rmx)
Peak in sub-genre #11
Pyrini-Summerdance feat.Sarah-Lew(BurstSettee rmx)
Peak in sub-genre #2
Band/artist history
Having being interested in the hip-hop scene in the late eighties Jim soon discovered Acid House and became hooked. After moving to the south of the island, Jim was introduced to the early Hardcore scene that arose from Acid House by a school friend. he thoroughly enjoyed material by Ratpack and many of the tunes from XL and Suburban Base and happily mixed said material on his friends turntables, albeit rather terribly. Having also been introduced to Grunge and the likes of Therapy?, Pearl Jam, Juliana Hatfield and Nirvana, he was poo-pooed by many of his raver mates in high school for liking more than one type of music. It wasn't till '96 when Jim went to college that he got back into turntablism and eventually purchased a set of Soundlab dlp1600's a KAM kmx100 mixer and his first Happy Hardcore vinyl. He earned the dj moniker DJ Speed-E for his voracious appetite for amphetamines and highly pitched mixing, even mixing Gabba techno at one point. Within a year he eventually moved away from the 4 beat and Happy Hardcore to Drum & Bass, preferring breakbeat. taking 4 years to learn to dj properly he got a few slots in local clubs with some fellow dj buddies who kindly donated some of their set time to him. Being a breakbeat freak and mixing a lot of the early Renegade Hardware and Metalheadz stuff, Speed-E became known for clearing dancefloors of all but the most extreme breakbeat freaks. (Most of the clientel were ragga heads and hardstep purists as that was the style at the time.) Speed-E continued mixing D&B for another 4 years till unfortunately, lost the spark for it and spiralled into depression. In 2002 Jim became interested in the crossover metal that was around and bought a couple of guitars, however, hit a brick wall with it so bought a bass and made faster progress in that arena. After a stint in drug rehab in '06 Jim got together with fellow rehabber Damian whom he met there and formed punk band 'Nans Matress'. initially starting out as a two piece guitar/bass group they made a few tunes, did some surprising covers and then took drummer Melie on board. Things went well, butchering covers of tunes from bands such as Nirvana, The Moody Blues and Simon & Garfunkel to name a few, along with writing original material. Several problems (including Damians drug problems) and their drummers college exams meant that the band didn't survive the winter and it all went south. 2007 saw Jim auditioning for bass, for local metal group 'Words That Kill' Already having material from their previous incarnation 'Project Carbine' and creating new material, they did several succesful gigs which were a very rewarding experience for him, cutting his teeth on stage for the first time. Probably the best time playing live that he ever had. Due to creative differences and communications breakdowns the band went their seperate ways. June 10th 2009: Jim wanted to get hold of a decent DJing program so he could start mixing again as he sold his decks a while back. The lovely HNNH from Wyrmvator linked him to a groovy little music program and away he went. Realising it wasn't a dj program, but a production program he thought 'Sod it, why not?' Being a turntablist and bass player in times of yonder, he has no previous experience in this field called production, so it's all a steep learning curve.
Your musical influences
Not all of these are in my music but this is what get's me going... Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Juliana Hatfield, The Julie Dolphin, The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Locust, Venetian Snares, Aphex Twin, Mark Korven, early Renegade Hardware, Metalheadz, Portishead, French Distortcore/Glitch, Hunter S. Thompson and of course.... Wyrmvator ( Love you girls 3 )
What equipment do you use?
Holly (computer), Reaper, Novakill synths, Audacity, Washburn guitars, Westfied bass', Marshall amps, Digitech pedals, Marshall pedals. Kenwood kettles, Kenco coffee, Tate & Lyle granulated, Dairy Crest semi-skimmed, Sheffield stainless steel teaspoons, English ceramic mugs, Golden Virginia rolling tobacco, blue and silver brand Rizla rolling papers.
Anything else?
"Stand on your head and wank down your nose!" Sorry, pottymouth2 virus. =/
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