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Mindz Eye (Wi)
Mindz Eye (Wi)
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Started in mid 2008. We would jam and drink every other Sunday away until we started to get serious about it in winter 2009.
Alter God
Mindz Eye---Kelly Moon on vocals, RiQ Miller on Guitars, Stu Knutson on Bass and Bill Robinson on Drums. Former members are: Scotti O on Drums and Dirty Dan on bass. Started in 2008 . We started out just jamming some cover tunes and getting shit faced until we realized it could be more than just something to do on a Sunday afternoon. We have a hand full originals that need some work before we start putting them in the set list. So far we have rocked some Open Mics but would soon like to get into opening for other acts. We have an hours worth of music, mostly covers. We can and will open for anyone in the genre. As of January 2011- a lot of changes within the past year 1st off we have a bunch of live shows under our belt and almost enough original music to make a full CD. Not all of it has been recorded yet but will be soon. We lost Dan early 2009 and picked Stephanie "Stu" Knutson on Bass. We lost Scotti O in May 2010 and picked up Bill Robinson on Drums. Our style is quickly becoming something unique and even somewhat heavier. Rick-Jan 2011
Band/artist history
Scott and RiQ used to jam in the mid to late 90's but never really pulled anything together. Riq was in other bands for a while and drummed for a band for 4 years and after the group disbanded went back to playing guitar and writing songs. Kelly hosted a few different open mics through out the valley and taught herself to play guitar. RiQ and Kelly used to do some karaokes and party. Scott gave up drumming for a long time until 2007 when he decided to pick up a new kit and return to drumming. Scott was in a band for about 6 months before RiQ and Kelly decided to put together a small band just for fun and included Scott in the idea. Dan fell into the mix during early winter 2009. We got serious about it and began to practice twice a week. We started buy doing open mics and now are opening for local pals in the valley. Dan left Mindz Eye Spring 2009 replaced by Stu Knutson. Sotti O. gone May 2010 replaced by Bill Robinson.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We open for local bands around the Fox valley and we fucking love it.
Your musical influences
Queens of the stone age, Dave Grohl, L7, The Breeders, Foo Fighters. We all come from different musical back grounds.
What equipment do you use?
We are in dire need of good equipment. Scott drums on a 5pc Tama kit. Riq plays a Washburn wi14. Kelly likes Sure mics. We have over hauled our system and instruments quite a bit since this page was last updated..
Anything else?
Take from it what you can..
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