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Cardboard Beats
Cardboard Beats
29 Tracks
HipHop, Dj, Producer, Bboy, Graff Writer, Beats, Fire Beats, Boom Bap, ORIGINAL HIP HOP
2 songs
CANADIAN MC ONLINE CONTEST - 1st SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST PRESENTED BY "CARDBOARD BEATS" - Contest Details Below. Headline Judges: Mic Boyd D-Sisive Introspect MasiaONE TRN (Cardboard Beats) & MOKA ONLY Local Judges : Sky - Skyhigh Productions Santoro & Maloney - I.A.C.O.M Ju1ce - Brother In Arms Productions (B.I.A Prod.) Scot Free - Boom Bap Camp & King Of The Dot Battle MC $tunt$ - G-Dub Entertainment The Top 5 MC's will get a prize but the Top the will get the best prizes "Check Below for ALL Contest details." *All tracks must be recorded over top of one of the chosen beats you will receive in a list from "Cardboard Beats", manually after the entry fee is paid. Contest Details: - Start Date / Deadline / Decision Date Start Date - November 1st/09 Sign-Up Deadline - March 1st/2010 Track Entry Deadline - May 1st/09 Final Judges Decision - July 1st/2010 ----------------------------------------------------------------- - Entry Fees $3 - Entry Fee Includes 1 Track entry $1.50 - For Every Track Submission After The First $5 - For Multiple Track Entries 4+ (With A Max Of 6 Track Entries Allowed Including The Original Track Entry Fee Submission) ----------------------------------------------------------------- - Prizes As Of Now 1st Place - Apex440 Class-A FET USB Condensor Microphone 2nd Place - Shure SM58 Legendary Vocal Microphone 3rd Place - Sonar Home Studio 7 Production Program ----------------------------------------------------------------- - Top 5 Mc's Prizes + Top 3 Mc's get a "Cardboard Beats" Exclusive Rights Instrumental. + Top 4 Mc's get a spot on "Cardboard Beats" Official Website and Soundclick Page. + Top 5 Mc's get a pack of "Bic Pens" ----------------------------------------------------------------- -JOIN The "Cardboard House Records" Group On Facebook To Keep Updated With Full Details And Current Updates. -CONTEST WEBSITE CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION- Free MP3 Download : No Rights whatsoever, no use for any profitable projects, no radio, no live performances, only used for home projects or for demos and non-profitable tracks, cds, etc. No rights come with free downloads. Leasing Rights : When you purchase a Leasing Rights beat you will have the rights to use the beat for any use excluding, modifying, re-selling the beat,. This allows you to use for one commercial for profit use, broadcast and also can be used for mixtape or demo use. The beat you receive will be free of voice tags (free of sound marks). you will receive a contract in your E-Mail for you to print, granting you Leasing rights to the beat. I keep a contract for security/safety reasons, for proof of purchase and boundaries. Exclusive Rights : You will receive the beat via E-Mail. Exclusive rights allow you to alter the beat anyway you want! This also allows you to use the beat for commercial use, broadcasting, demo, mixtape, anyway you want EXCLUDING Re-selling the beat! The track that gets sent to you will be free of Voice Tags (free of soundmarks). once the beat is purchased, it will be shown as sold and nobody else will be allowed to download, lease or purchase the beat. Do whatever you like with this beat, but remember NO Re-Selling of the beat is allowed. Inquire for Exclusive rights prices. approx. $50 Warning If any of these rights are broken, there will be penalties enforced by law to take action.
Band/artist history
I don't really have a band history, but I have worked with such artists as, and support these artists as well. -$tunt$ - G-Dub The Label - www.myspace.com/gdubthelabel -Sky - Skyhigh Productions - www.skyscapemarketing.com/BCB (Coming Soon) -Ju1ce & B-Deuce - BL Click - www.skyscapemarketing.com/BCB (Coming Soon) -Fucha - Fucha - -Wesley J & Lil B - Northern Division -Santoro, Maloney & Juicy- I.A.C.O.M - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-QDlFURnYM http://www.unsigned.com/maloney Check these sites out!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
My beats are gettin played live for the first time! May 23rd/09 @ 10pm Frankies Bar Brantwood Park Rd. Brantford, Ontario
Your musical influences
I have local influences which I will name first! - Skyhigh Productions (Skyler Danes), G-Dub The Label ($tunt$), BL (B2 & Ju1ce), Dj logikal, J-Beats, Fucha, I.A.C.O.M (Santoro, Maloney, Lipinski & Juicy), Scot Free, Tru Rez Crew .... Now world known! - Mos Def, Q-Tip, Talib Kweli, I got alot, different genres etc. - Dj Q-Bert (Invisbl Skratch Piklz, the whole crew) - Dj Premier 9th Wonder Style, Timbaland, Kanye, Ya'll know, I got alot, different genres etc.
What equipment do you use?
Laptop, Acid Pro, Fl Studio, Modern Beats, Cakewalk Sonar 7 Home Studio, Downloadable Compressors, Reverb etc.
Anything else?
Apex Condensor Mic, Midi Keyboard, Soundproofed Booth, Numark Mixer Board, Numark Tables! For live performances I got a "Shure Sm 58" legendary vocal mic!
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