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This is my store front, find out mroe about me at www.itskotic.com
I Got You In My View
She Got ME In A Trance
Known to many as the ultimate Grind & Hustler, K-OTIC is the epitome of what striving for success means! Many consider the entrepreneur talented in every sense of the word. A vital part in the production of many projects, K-OTIC has produced hit records such as Throw It Up, Making Moves & She Got Me In A Trance. Whatever the King of the Jungle has achieved, believe that he's earned it. Born in Flatbush, Brooklyn NY, K-OTIC moved to south west Miami at the age of five. "South Dade to me is everything from South Miami to Florida City, from the beautiful women in Kendall to the notorious Chocolate City Projects in Goulds, that's what shapes my music, this is my hood!" he proudly states. K-OTIC's buzz began as an up & coming artist when him and long time partner Baysiqly released the Miami street anthem "Buck" found on the Start em Up Mixtape. It wasn't until the hit single Throw It Up that K-OTIC's name as a producer began to surface throughout the local scene. "We perform under pressure when its grind time/ We entrepreneurs we follow our own guidelines" are just some of the records song lyrics. "I had made beats before but this was what I consider my first production. The right drums, the right melody, the perfect song structure, it's is only right that it was my first song placement on the radio..." With an epitome of loyal fans & supporters, an unfulfillable hunger and a vision light years ahead of the competition, there's no wonder as to why many consider K-OTIC Mr. Grind & Hustle. "I am a brand, not just a beat maker, K-OTIC is a brand, something more than a producer." all songs and production Rolando "K-OTIC" Blake Jr. for I AM A Brand Media Group 2009/2010 All Rights Reserved
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools 7.1 Reason 4.0, Akai MPD 24, Roland Edirol PCR-300, Numark TT USB, Rode NT-1 A, Presonus Tube Pre, Behringer XENYX 802, 40+ GB of Sounds & Samples
Anything else?
www.itskotic.com www.twitter.com/itskotic www.facebook.com/itskotic www.myspace.com/itskotc www.youtube.com/itskotic www.myxertones.com/itskoitc www.imeem.com/itskotic