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Doug LaVine
Funny how life leads you to places you never thought you'd be. But ... here I am! I guess I'll just keep on tryin'. It's not over.... till the end!
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This song is about a man who once had everything and since the loss of his Son had declined to a man living on the streets.
After a long separation, the guy realizes his mistakes and when it looks like a reunion might take place.. she sometimes seems to want to hesitate.
One man's thoughts about the last time he saw his lover.
It's a fun song....
Doug was born in Utica, New York and started entertaining when he was around 18 years old. At first he thought maybe this would not be for him but, there was always something pulling on him to keep going. Soon, he realized this was his passion and he tried more and more to be as good as he could be. Then, one day, a businessman asked him if he would be interested in making a record. All he had to do is write the songs. This, was his challenge. So, he wrote the songs and soon, he was working steadily. Doug began to travel and play to bigger and bigger crowds. He was then picked up by a radio station DJ and soon he was opening for some of his favorite Nashville Country Music acts. Doug started to write more and record more. Finally He went to Nashville and traveled around the country playing his music.
Band/artist history
In May 1985, I was involved in an accident and broke my neck, back and suffered other injuries as well. Two months later...in July... my Son, Eric, was born. I had spent my life, up to this point, as a country music performer. I had been involved in country music for almost as long as I can remember. Now, my life would become more difficult than I could ever imagine! Even though I was going through so much pain and discomfort...I was really excited! Here in my life was this little baby boy and he was depending on me and his mother to get him through! But, that is not how it would be! His mother left when he was only ten months old. Now...it was up to me alone to take care of this little boy! I soon learned that it was to be a full time job and I learned a lot of things! I raised him teaching him all the good things that I learned when I was a kid. I got through many surgical operations and the one thing that pulled me through all of that was my faith and that little baby boy! The years went by and finally all my operations were over. The doctors had pinned, plated and screwed me back together again and my Son was now a young man! It had been quite a journey with so many happy memories. TRAGEDY... Then....on October 25, 2005....my son was killed! He was riding in a car driven by a neighbors son. My Son's fiance' was also riding in the car. She was also killed...along with the driver of the car. A total of 4 people lost their lives that day! My Son had just turned 20..... just 3 months before and we were looking forward to so much. Now,I was lost and alone! I didn't think I could go on! I began to question my own faith and my sanity as well. So...to keep myself from falling into deep depression, I started writing music again. I wanted to write something special.... for my Son. So, I prayed and asked the Lord to please help me write a special song...just for him. Something that my Son would be proud of. It didn't come right away... but I kept on praying and working... about 8 to 12 and sometimes 14 hours a day !! Then, my prayers were answered and..... I wrote "CHRISTMAS WILL BE BLUE" !! I wrote several other songs also... and before long I had enough music to do an album. But, it had been twenty years since I left singing. Would I be up to the challenge? Would I be able to sing again? I pondered for a while whether I should even go on! I had lost touch with so many people that I had known and things had changed so much in my absence! I finally decided to just do it! I contacted Larry Rogers, in Nashville, Tennessee. Larry, is the owner and operator of STUDIO 19 in Nashville. He said we should start by formulating what kind of sound should be applied to each song. Now....after all the prayers... after all the hard work.... after all the months of writing and changing this line and changing that word..... the time had come to finally get into the studio and start recording! It was almost two years after loosing my Son..and now.... I would be recording the special song I wrote for him. I was nervous, excited, scared and apprehensive! I wasn't sure of myself at all... but I knew in my heart that I had to do this!! I would be recording perhaps the most important music that I had ever written! It would be a complete album...which is now called a CD. So,....I did it! There was another special song that I wrote that meant a great deal to me... a song titled "NOW HE"S ALL ALONE". I had written that song and finished it just a short time before losing my Son in that horrible accident! I played it for him just a month or so before the accident and he thought it needed to be changed a bit. After a long dicussion, I disagreed. So, the song sat for a long time after the accident. When I looked it over again... I knew what I had to do! So...I changed it to the way my Son had suggested it should be and thats the way I recorded it! I had also written another very special song that describes the way I felt after losing my Son Eric! That song is titled "HOMELESS". It was very special to hear the songs that I had created.... actually come to life! As the tracks of "CHRISTMAS WILL BE BLUE" were being done...it was very emotional for me! My sincere thanks to Larry, at STUDIO 19, for the hands on approach he took in helping me with my project and the musicians who played the session... for the great work they had done on the songs that meant so much to me... and most of all I thank God for giving me the strength and courage to go on and push through the pain and sorrow I continue to suffer from the loss of my beloved Son...Eric!! You can hear some of my music at; www.myspace.com/douglavine .........
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I now no longer perform due to injuries suffered in an accident in 1985. I do continue to write and record though.
Your musical influences
Over the years I have had many influences. To be honest I guess the first was my Dad. He played the guitar and sang around the house. Never anything big or professionally but whenever the family would get together, Dad would always get out the guitar and soon everyone was singing. My family, aunts mostly, were very musical. I loved music from the very start and to this day, music plays a very important part in my life.
Anything else?
I write almost everyday. Idea's are constantly running through my mind. Not all of my idea's are usable ... but I keep on trying.
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