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GrindHous3 ProductionsGSCent
GrindHous3 ProductionsGSCent
2 Tracks
Hip-hop/ Dirty South but more lyrical than your average Dirty south group.
The same from the frontline ent page we just added 300 Proof Music as our new label name being that we have so many people and groups involved on both sides off the FrontLine Ent. and Renegades Ent. Merger. And plus we 300 Proof baby so you know It's " United We Stand Divided We Conquer " .
Band/artist history
On the real people ther are so many people involved with our movement it would take me 2 years to type everything up so holla at us through email or call me at 864-202-0607.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We where performing every wendsday at an local night club in Greenville,SC until they shut it down to get a bigger building. And for the second question we had a ball gettin tha chance to perform our songs in front of people , plus gettin tha practice we need before we start trying to go out and open up for major acts or get our own dates.
Your musical influences
We are influenced by everything from classical to rock and roll from rock and roll to reggae and so on and so on we are open to all music except death metal that shit is way out there and too damn loud.
What equipment do you use?
We have 3 diffrent computers all running XP with plenty of drive space. We produce this hits with Fruity Loops 6 and Reason 3 but mainly fruityloops due to its open platform and Vst compatibility. We are currently recording of Abelton Live 6. We have three diffrent Mics to offer and an KRK Studio sound set up ancored by the KRK Rokit powered 10s and two KRK ST6s. Presonus Tube Preamps,Alesis 3630 Dual channel compressor w/ Gate. all recorded through an E-Mu Studio grade soundcard with up top 192kbhz recording at 32 bits.
Anything else?
We are on a mission to show the world that ya'll forgot about South Carolina. We got everybody from VA to Texas in the game but ya'll sleepin on SC and we the best of the best if ya'll just open up your ears and step away from the norm and get some buck in ya life.