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LUG-simon ayton
LUG-simon ayton
4 Tracks
sound design, film music, soundscape percussion music with rhythm using electronics and software manipulation played live
LUG is a solo project from Australian sound artist & percussionist Simon Ayton
Band/artist history
"radar contact lost.." The last words uttered from 'one solar day'. The title track for the album documents the actual conversation between the airport communications tower and doomed, out of fuel flight 52 in it's final stages... LUG is a solo project from Australian Simon Ayton................. ................. ................. The album One Solar Day presents sounds and performances recorded during travels throughout the world including singing children in Vietnamese hill tribes to melodically tuned waves in Guatemala. Rhythmic roots together with extensive ventures into film music and sound design greatly influence the sound and mood of the music. Twisted drum and percussion loops played live, duck and weave their way through layers of dark and majestic atmosphere giving the music a filmic quality that ebbs and flows between pure aggression and utter tranquility with an attention to detail that rewards repeat listeners with seemingly endless new discoveries ................. ................. ................. Many of the melodic sounds throughout One Solar Day are in fact percussion instruments like bells, sticks and water bottles stretched and warped using Simon's own custom plug-ins designed for the Creamware Scope system...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
LUG has performed solo in USA, Germany and Australia
Your musical influences
skinny puppy, download, the cure, brian eno, pixies, curve, slowdive, soundgarden, the beatles, the police, cevin key, ride, my bloody valentine, meshuggah, pil, the slits, klaus schultze, siouxsie and the banshees, aphex twin, the bad plus,
What equipment do you use?
Simon's own custom plug-ins designed for the Creamware Scope system, Roland SH-5, Oberheim Matrix-6, Waldorf Blowfeld, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland JD-990, Lexicon PCM-60, Ampex 2" 16 track tape machine, Logic Pro on a MAC, Korg VC-10 vocoder, Boss GT-3 guitar efx, Boss RE-20 Space delay, MXR Pitch Transposer, Guyatone tape echo unit, Custom made east German (GDR) analog mixing console, KRK V8 monitors, Auratone monitors, heaps of microphones and leads...
Anything else?
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