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iNKredible (NC)
iNKredible (NC)
21 Tracks
Known to some as the Genius, NK masterfully crafted a sound that one can only call, incredible. Some say he has the ability to change whatever is tossed to him
La Marche De Champion Symphony
Peak in sub-genre #32
The Reaper's Symphony
The Punishment
Return Of The King ((FREE DOWNLOAD))
The World Is A Ghetto ((FREE DOWNLOAD))
8 songs
10 songs
Starting out as a youngin' in middle school with his brother Royale, their tape recorder from Wal-Mart and a old dusty Casio keyboard from RadioShack, iNKredible quickly evolved into North Carolina's most promising and creative producer. Hail from Fayetteville, North Carolina, NK has set up shop in other cities including Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA. Known as NK for short, this young prodigy came up selling instrumentals he made off Fruity Loops for clothes, sneakers, etc., but he now sells some of the most groundbreaking beats for at least $500 or more. While managing to catch the attention of Grammy-Award winning producer Rockwilder who eventually signed him to BeatGang Entertainment, iNKredible launched Legacy High Inc which houses his home production company, Beats-A-Million Productions. Known to some as the Genius, NK masterfully crafted a sound that one can only call, incredible. Some say he has the ability to change whatever is tossed to him into gold. He has a lot of years of experience to be only 21, working with some of the undergrounds most prominent artists. His client list, stretching from the U.S., across the U.K. to India, only gets bigger as each week goes by. Some of the artists who blessed an iNKredible track includes Carolinas own J Khrist, Rollin Weight, Pastor Troy, Remy Ma, Mr. Cheecks, Rain, Traffic, Maximus, new pop sensation Nhi Ngo and the list goes on. With his eyes set on looking up, NK began his steep climb to the top at thirteen and hasnt fell off since. Instead, he steadily reaches new heights along with abilities to perfect his long passion of creating note worthy masterpieces that expresses more than his possessions and credibility. In Fact, his main content of his music focuses on the good and the bad of not just his surroundings but the whole world. Looking toward his roots for guidance and inspiration, this beat machine in the flesh has ambitions to change the world, not just through his music, but with charities, self help organizations and environmental watch communities aimed to wake up our fellow man and help persuade them to live a much better and well guided life. He's seen it all and been through it all with dreams to help others who may have been dealt the same bad hand in any sorts. Look out world, help is on the way.
Band/artist history
NK been around for years. Even on Soundclick.com (iNKredible Productions, NKredible Beats, Beats-A-Million Productions). I've been here, people know me. I'm never going anywhere.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Wherever my music is appreciated, I'll perform. My most special moment was i guess, when I was competing in a beat battle and actually witness someone ELSE trying to battle MY BEAT, haha. My God, I never felt so accomplished in my life - to actually see someone steal my music right in front of me in a event like that, haha! I blasted him soon as I stepped on stage though, he was gone within the next 3 - 5 minutes! hahaha
Your musical influences
Dr. Dre's Chronic 2001 completely set it off for me. Just Blaze opened the doors for my drums to let loose on tracks.
What equipment do you use?
Custom built PC runnin' XP. Pro-Tools 7 LE, Tascam US-2400, Pair of Behringer Truth Monitors, Roland Fantom, Presonus BLUETUBE dual mic pre-amp, MPC 1000, Alesis Multimix and a CRAP LOAD OF PLUG-INS!!!
Anything else?
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