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Adam Lue formerly Black Money, is a music producer and certified Beatsmith. He plays various instruments pianos, organs, drums, etc, and has accomplished live a
I've gone through some personal and professional transitions since joining SC a few years back. I do have production which utilizes "Black Money" a former alias. Currently, I am back for the first time, however its "Adam Lue" and Im excited to be back making more good music.
Band/artist history
I started producing tracks in 2000, took the talent to college in 2001, met some peeps learned some things, 2008 hit 2,000,000+ plays on SC, phone rang off the hook. 2009 re-evalued the whole life plan, life got better, 2012 back with that life experience swag ready to hit the charts again and then some. @ADAMLUE #TeamAdamLue
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Adam Lue has been live since 13 (as a musician). I play Piano, I was privately trained on Trumpet, I picked up organ from growing up a PK, I started Classical guitar lessons in 2005, and occasionally bust it up playing drum set! Drums was my first love. I love the energy you get when the listeners (crowd) hear the jams, hears the flow, hears the syncopations, adlibs, riffs, solos and more. There is nothing like Live. My first Album is going to be studio produced but I have such great material that I most definitely going to follow up with an Unplugged-like Bonus disc or release shortly after, however things play out.
Your musical influences
stay tuned, good music is everywhere but i dont need you putting me in a muse box. I drawn life and I listen with an open mind to it all. Certain styles get less play then others, but my ears are eclectic.
What equipment do you use?
I got three I came in on the PC music wave from the late 90s, So I am a FL Studio Producer License HOLDER, (Free Upgrades for LIFE). I Bought REASONs, My project studio is PC Nuendo BASED, I have a Yamaha MIDI Keyboard, Laptop for Mobile Production, Berhinger Truth B2031A Truth Monitors, AKG MIC, I Break head phones so you might see the senns, or a set of Sony, but they come and go. I own a G5 for recording vocals only. nothing else. I also I have a Macbook Pro, the new mobile workhorse of the operation. I got a wealth of VSTs see KVRAudio.com I be on there for hours. Its not the tools, its knowing your stuff though.
Anything else?
You didn't ask what I was into? Right now I am the CEO and President of Adephanie Multimedia Productions specializing in graphic design and audio production. Our company is working on television, movie and radio projects, we've been contracted to do a few things. Thanking GOD. So look out for us and then some.
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