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Flight Seven Ten
Flight Seven Ten
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Flight Seven Ten is an acoustic band. We are working on our first CD, a demo disk that should have 5-10 tracks. It's all about passion and life, and the lyrics
Flight Seven Ten is an acoustic-based band. We play rock music, but we just prefer acoustic guitars most of the time. Our members are: Guitar - Sean Stynes Vocals/guitar - Emily Leong Bass - Jacob Pointon Drums - Ben Turkus
Band/artist history
In 2007, I (Emily) decided to give myself a stage name to play my acoustic songs under, and I chose Flight Seven Ten (FST for short). This year, it is becoming a full band, starting with the addition of my good friend Dane on drums. We are still looking for a bassist and a second guitarist.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do! At houses, Mac's Bar, cafes, wherever.
Your musical influences
For song writing, I'm influenced in two ways... Musically and lyrically. Musically, I'm obviously influenced heavily by acoustic artists... some examples would be The Spill Canvas, Stacy Clark, The Scene Aesthetic, and Cables Felt. Lyrically, I'm influenced by people who are both heartfelt and honest, yet poetic. Some people I really admire the works of are Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin), Stephen Christian (Anberlin), Stacy Clark (self-titled), and Nick Thomas (The Spill Canvas).
What equipment do you use?
Takamine guitars (acoustic-electric), Pearl Drums and cymbals, Zildjian cymbals and sticks, Vic Firth sticks