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Destinctive..Modern New and fresh..a look at the old skool dance music and a veiw to the future
Welcome to the Dogard band page. feel free to browse the tracks and become fans and spread the word.. So who is Dogard? Dogard is the alter ego of creator Robert Weir. Dogard actually began life as KEN DOGG, before Gaining a full name Kenith Dogard... So how long as he Been on the seen? Well to be honest Dogard is the recent guise in which i create my music, however i have at this for a fair old time. i first started out on the sample base programmes Music (playstation) and e jay (pc) although i enjoyed making the music on these, all i was really doing was arranging some else's work. i didn't actually start producing my own beats and melodies until 2005... So have you had much success? The closest thing to success that i've had with my music was in 2006 when internet radio station PulseRated stumbled upon a track called Boom Boom Land...the Dj who heard it, Sarah Kerr made it her song of the week and it meant a full week of air time and of course the obligatory interview...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Dogard does not play live as of yet because what with the political landscape and the production i just don't have time...but when i get the finger out you can be dam well sure i be blastin the music and raping your ears on the dance floor
Your musical influences
Aphex Twin, Audio Bullies, Soul wax, DJ touche, Armin Van Helden, Seamus Haji, Axwell, Daft Punk, Claude von stroke, steve angello, alloy mental, sebastain Ingrosso, Mark Knight, Dave Spoon, Fischerspooner, Harry "Choo Choo" Romero, D.Ramirez, Mark Farina, Josh Wink, Evil Nine, Pete Tong, Ferry Corsten, Eddie Halliwell, Green Velvet
What equipment do you use?
Toshiba satellite, Fruity loops 7, Acid pro 6, Cubase, Alesis Multimix USB 8 mixer, Roland midi keyboard, my headphones and when it suits, a mic
Anything else?
Don't tempt me
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