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Lato - Epic Rock With One Foot In The Eighties.
Lato are a five piece band from London playing epic rock with one foot in the eighties. We recently completed our first album, recorded in LA from September 07 through to April 08. We are currently resident in London and are looking to grow our fan base, make friends, and become successful in the process. So - If you like us, whether your a band, a fan, whoever - we want to hear from you.
Band/artist history
Lato was started by Jake Blair and Alex Lato, as described above. Alex and Jake had been working together for a few months, with Jake in the role of producer. In the meantime Alex had been performing acoustically with Kiki, and a viola player called Adam Kaye. The first call was to Mike Varnava, who played bass with Alex in Ferris, a school band. Mike hadn't lost the magic. The position of lead guitarist was filled by Nik Sowden, but Nik was unable to commit fully to the band, and left. His replacements were Arnulf Ochs and Simon Bowker. After a few months, Arnulf, who was commuting from Germany, called it a day, and thus the current line up was arrived at. In May 2007 Lato got an email from Kent Jacobs at Velocity Entertainment, an LA based media company. Kent was convinced that 3AM/Everybody Knows The Way was a hit song. Lato were paired with Thierry Migeotte at Blue Turtle productions, and in September began to record their debut album in LA, having raised the money to do so in London. The album was completed in late spring 2008, and will shortly be available for sale.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we do and we love it. Our most special gig was at a place called Mulberry School, in East London. The girls loved our band, particularly London Girl, which they still sing to this day!
Your musical influences
We have diverse influences, but we label ourselves as epic rock with one foot in the eighties. People have mentioned New Order, Duran Duran, Fleetwood Mac - but we also have an element of Coldplay and Radiohead going on, and a lyricality reminiscent of Paul Simon.
What equipment do you use?
We use a range of equipment; Alex has a Shure SM86, and plays a Gibson semi electric from the 90s. Jake's kit is a Pearl Custom, Kiki has a Yamaha CS1X and a newly acquired Virus Snow, Mike plays an amazing sounding bass that cost 120 quid, best bargain ever, and a Line 6 Bass Amp. Simon has an array of guitars, amongst which are a lovely 1983 Charvel that goes out of tune quickly, and a Fender Stratocaster. he has a large array of pedals, all of which have been customised and are therefore rather exceptional.
Anything else?
We're unique because of the exceptional compatibility of Kiki and Alex's vocals, because of Jake's grasp of eighties beats, because of Mike's melodious bass playing, and Simon's metal/eighties guitar riffs. The band are all great friends, too - which helps.