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The new selftitled release will catapult Environmental into metals elite Songs like Fire Shut Up In My Bones Full Scale Avalanche Something To Shove In and Nail
Full Scale Avalanche
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- Vocals - Rhythm Guitars - Lead Guitars - Bass Guitars - Drums
Band/artist history
At the turn of the new millennium the revamped Environmental Hazzard(MP3.COM) from Cleveland, Ohio emerges as simply Environmental. They are a five piece band with crushing style. Environmental is well known for their brutal live shows and eccentric time changes, which has earned them a rabid following. Thought provoking lyrics meshed with high octane vocals will make you feel the power of vocalist Martin Glozer. The guitar styling of Chris Faiken and Andy Vasas takes you from sudden pounding to sheer beauty. Jay Kolos unique playing is more than just the ordinary bass compliment, and John Justice stretches the boundaries by which metal drummers are judged. In the early nineties Environmental Hazzards album One Stands Alone(MP3.COM) spent fourteen weeks on CMJs loud rock 100, the bible of hard rock. It sold in excess of 10,000 copies and helped the band to sell out venues whenever they played regionally. The cd is still sought after around the globe. They have been compared to bands like Pantera, the Deftones, Machine Head, Korn, Tool, and every other great metal band that has come along in the past decade. The new self-titled release will catapult Environmental into metals elite. Songs like fire shut up in my bones, Full Scale Avalanche, Something To Shove In, and Nailbleed (burning at both ends), show the diversity and pure talent of the band. While songs like Beatin Down To Size, None To Blame, and Misled tell you that not only is Environmental here to stay their best days are just around the corner. VISIT US AT : www.environmental2k.com www.clevelandmp3.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live in and around Ohio.
Your musical influences
Their influences and their sound range from bands like the Deftones, Weezer, Fear Factory, and even old school bands like Slayer and the Crumbsuckers.
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
'Aggression Has A New Name' http://www.environmental2k.com/