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C-Black (Can)
C-Black (Can)
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C-Black Canadian Hip Hop Artist, young talented performer/song writter with a good flow. King of Improvising and the life of the party. New Mix-Tape Get Famili
C-Black talented Hip Hop Artist, performer, song writter and producer.
Band/artist history
Aspiring Hip Hop Artist living in Pickering Ontario for the past twelve years. He is a second generation Canadian of Caribbean immigrants. Fun, energetic, great sense of humor and easy going personality made him very popular and likable. King of improvising and the life of any party, was a popular choice in school for drama and talent projects. C-Black was also an excellent athlete, he had excelled at a variety of sports, including Track and Field Soccer and Basket ball and was on every school team. C-black had chosen a career in basketball and was a member of a team of the OBA league, until due to an injury was forced to stop playing sports. He has always had music as part of his every day life, whether in school projects or just for fun. He enjoys performing, creating, mixing, and producing music. He has been to many musical events including theatre live concerts and shows which gave him inspiration to become an artist. In efforts to promote his rap career he has performed at talent shows, open-mike events, clubs, restaurants, free styles competitions and fund raising events. After High School he attended Seneca College and graduated with a diploma in Independent Music Production. He also attended a number of music work shops hosted by Flow 93.5 Fm, UMAC and CMW Most of his time is now spent at his home studio where he records and practice writing lyrics, hooks, creating and producing music. He has produced many mix tapes, tracks, and freestyles for himself, friends and other aspiring artists. His experiences working with others have taught him that not everyone has a genuine compassion and appreciation for rap and music as he does. Most of his friends were just caught up portraying the now popular hip-hop image. Its at that point he realized that rapping was more than just doing whats popular. He has found something that he loved to do and was getting better at it. His future to success is evident with continuous efforts, perseverance and exposure to the vast music industry. He hopes to improve lyrically and broaden the versatility of his listeners while establishing his name in Canada, creating a loyal and intimate relationship with the fans of very own country. He is constantly writing new lyrics and is working on music for his new Mix-tape and CD. His short term goal is to release at least two number one hit songs accompanied by music videos and building fans hopefully leading to a major record deal. Long term, hed like to collaborate with various artists especially his idols such as, Jay-z, Fabolous, Rhianna, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Ransom. He would also like to experiment with other genres and works with people of different backgrounds. His plan is to establish his own production company, recruiting new artists, producing beats and helping fellow Canadian talent. Hopefully all these goals will lead to international success. Contact Info: C-Black IDB.records@hotmail.com www.myspace.com/cblackidb
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Performed at talent shows in high school and local commuity events, performed at open mic bars, some fund raising events, Frestyle Battle competition, and gigs in the Toronto GTA
Your musical influences
Jay-z, Fabolous, Ransom, Justin Timberlake, Rhianna, Beyonce, Ludacris and many others in the Hip Hop and R&B arena
What equipment do you use?
Cubase , PC, Eurorack Mx 2642A Rokit5, Yorkville5 Sound Booth, Home recording studio
Anything else?
Graduated from Seneca College (Independent Music Production) Record, Mix and Mastering Currently spending most of my time at my studio In da Base working on new music..