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Junior Cash (Providence)
Junior Cash (Providence)
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Rap Music 18 Year Old Junior Cash from Providence nice lyrical concious fly boy shit....
Visiting this page shows the love, the gov is Junior Bamisile but I rap as Junior Cash or Junior C Young Cash is the best b........ I was a poet when i was young and started to write rhymes in 6th grade. I've been on and off since then up to about 10th grade and got focused with it in 11th grade. I love hip hop and writing rhymes is the one thing that came easiest to me. If you get the chance listen to the music and really pay attention to the lyrics which is the most important part of music and be open minded with all music that you hear because there is always a message that is spread.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
never played live
Your musical influences
Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Common, Kanye West, Lil' Wayne, Diplomats (back in the earlier days when i started), and all the other famous rappers out there. My major influences to be a great MC are Cassidy, Nas, Lupe Fiasco and a rapper Wale from DC. Cassidy was the rapper that made me want to rap because of his catchy punchlines and swag in his rhymes especially the mixtape shit. Nas is my major influence because if it there was no Nas there would be no current rappers. Nas created the punchline and big words and complex flow that I adore rather than that plain old..."50 Cent shit"....Illmatic is by far the greatest album ever created or atleast one of them especially Life's A Bitch. Lupe Fiasco is my current influence because he was influenced by Nas and is shunned because of his complex flow. He has punchlines and imagery and a GO GO GADGET FLOW...he is the best rapper in the game right now according to me. Last but not least is an upcoming rapper named Wale from DC or DMV as he says it. Heavily loved on the internet, I came across Wale and fell in love with his flow, punchlines and imagery similar to Nas and Lupe. He makes me want to pursue rap on a professional level because he is basically not underground anymore and raps with a confidence that I admire.
What equipment do you use?
that crack mic and that limewire and that interweb and that cool edit pro