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Tony Hunter (US)
Tony Hunter (US)
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Inspired by the 60's era, later classical music, and some musical theater styles, the music you'll hear is hopeably a good blend of all these factors.
Hey guys, I'm Tony Hunter. This is my first time with something like this so I hope anyone who listens enjoys what they hear.
Band/artist history
I'm from Tucson, Arizona and moved to Flagstaff, where I currently live, when I was 20. I attend Northern Arizona University and study communications with a focus on Electronic Media and Film; a major in which my other interest, screenwriting, lies. I began playing guitar when I was sixteen and didn't take lessons (though I'd probably be a lot better if I had) and I've recently begun learning the piano and dulcimer with hopes of picking up the viola.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not playing live currently, though I have a couple times. Right now just trying to record my songs and get them out there through the internet.
Your musical influences
Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys and Paul McCartney and The Beatles first and foremost followed by Harry Nilsson, Tom Duarte (my uncle, an amazing guitar player), The Moody Blues, Randy Newman, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
What equipment do you use?
I have fender acoustic guitar, a little yamaha keyboard with midi output, a dulcimer, an iMac G5 and Garageband. I use a Samson mic and an M-Audio interface for recording. I also use Finale Printmusic for certain things.
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