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Gardnerville, NV  USA
February 26, 2008
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Thanks Soundclick! Songfire Studio is an Art studio, creating all kinds of internet content like web pages and graphics or music/video and last but not least poetry, whatever can fit on the net I guess. Also Songfire Studio works in other mediums, like woodwork, stone carving and lots of other things. Many Songfire Studio artworks are on the internet in places like ebay or craigslist, but also locally in many shops and art galleries.
Band/artist history
Mostly played drums and lead vocals in a few bands over the years. but it's been a while. Mostly wound up playing in dive-bars for free drinks! and a little cash. Playing guitar is something I've always done alone. Not really a conventionally learned player so most guitar work I just make up as I go and post here for the great sounclick clique.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
no. I used to play live. now lyrics is my gig and then finding melodies to suit them. all in-studio work.
Your musical influences
Really just about any good tune in any genre. something that spells timeless the minute I hear it
What equipment do you use?
Tascam digital recorder spirit 16ch mix midiverb 3 and 4 BBE maximzer Roland sequencer and a S4 Alisis sound modual...lastly a lefty sunburst Les Paul guitar
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