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The Comuppins
The Comuppins
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The Comuppins are a st. john's based rock band that strongly believe some people/things/structures should receive their Comeuppance and we exist to make sure th
The Ship
The Comuppins are a St. John's based rock band that strongly believe some people/things/structures should receive their Comeuppance and we exist to make sure they get theirs!
Band/artist history
The Comuppins have been an active member of the vibrant St. John's Music scene since 2007. We have played over thirty shows and have gone on three lovely tours together. We released our debut album Heatbag in 2009 and are currently working on a second plus many other quirky fun rock n roll projects. Michael Worthman has crowed surfed his way into many injuries, has fallen over countless monitors, has broken over thirty teeth on microphones and was electrocuted just once on stage, but it was a good once. Jeff Ronan is still picking Worthman's hair out of his geetar, and hoarding his picks, not to lend to the absent minded worthman. Ronan gets in trouble for being 'Too Devestating' on the guitar, causing anarchy where ever he happens to bend a note. Jason "Murphy" Murphy, over the past three years, has been silently plotting a bass take over of the band; watch out Comuppins fans, 'too long for a rock song' may actually last forever if you give this man a bass solo. Also, if you look him in the eyes you'll turn to dreads. Alex "Nessie" Cornick, the bands heart and soul has never been spotted in any photographs; people have traveled from the ends of the earth to catch a glimpse of our Nessie. Alex has nurtured the Comuppins like a skeety nan who loves her fucking youngster over the past three years and remains vigilant that we receive nothing but decadence and lavishness when we tour. His favorite venue is Legends Lounge in Gander.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes! In St. John's mainly; our hometown. We also tour Province wide often and soon nation wide. So look out for our Canadian tour dates.
Your musical influences
The Band, Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Stones, My Morning Jacket, Kings of Leon, Jethro Tull, CCR, Fur Packed Action, The Pathological Lovers, Kujo, and all things that rock!
What equipment do you use?
SG, Les Paul, Fender Jazz bass and I don't know what kind of drums Alex play.. red and sparkly?!. a variety of amps I keep breaking and one tuner that we keep forgetting to bring to gigs.
Anything else?
check out Heatbag and come to a show.
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