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Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B musical artist.
Sept. 2015 Im back son stay tuned for some new stuff, while I practice and get back in the game. ------------------------------------------- Last Update Jun 11th 2009 Musical Artist.. Baseically it all goes like this.. I hang and lived around emcees so i became one my self, still elevateing gettin better.. dropin tracks..makin CD's. I owe it all to Fenix and AG Arcia.. they were my main influence... my next CD "My Fortunes" is $2.00(USD)... it will be distrubted by Cerulli Records through-out the state of New Jersey, and Parts of New York...Its a demo tape and is going to be submitted to some record labels for reviewing, to see if i can get a deal or something....its going to be from 6-10 songs depending what we think is good to put on it... If you wanna reserve a copy let me know...It drops this spring MY MUSIC Street Poetry 1.Street Poetry Intro 2.Welcome To Street Poetry 3.Fenix Skit 4.On The Grind( Feat. Fenix) 5.Be Careful 6.Clap For Me Mami 7.Hope 8.Im Still 9.Hate( Feat. Daf-Fy) 10.Street Poetry Freeverse 11.Bring Em Out 12.Step Down( Feat. JAY) 13.What You Think About Me Skit 14.Be Scared 15.Only You(Feat. Fenix) 16.Confidence 17.Lost My Chance Cost: $4.00(usd) My Fortunes Tracks On This CD May Or May Not include the following tracks, keep checking for the final decision of the songs on this cd. Not all the tracks are completed or planed yet, this cd should be out before the summer. 1.Tonights The Night 2.Are You Ready? 3.Pullin In The Cash 4.Step Down Cost: $2.00(usd)(More info on this cd will be avalible soon)
Band/artist history
Cerulli Records (Previoulsly Red Alert Records) Has been an independent record distrubution program ran by Cerulli since 2005. We give out cds and other forms of music, aswell as bouild websites. Althought this is not good enought for the rapper who wishes to make it big. Cerulli has been rockin the mic for a min now, and has gradually elevated, as as you can tell if you have listened to his first tracks, that he definately reach a new level.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I dont play live yet but i will in the future after my next demo comes out and is submitted to the record labels.
Your musical influences
My influences are Fenix, Ag Arcia, and all the other emcees that were around me when i first started my music.
What equipment do you use?
Many Dynamic Micorophones for recording(Old Recordings) Condenser Microphones Tube Mp For Quality Enhancement(Old Recordings) Steinberg Stands/Holsters and other equipment for comfort CAD Pop-Filter For Quality Enhancement Fruity Loops Studio For Beat making/production Cool Edit Pro 2.0 For Recording/Production
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