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Joshua Dean Martin
Joshua Dean Martin
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I'm a one man band, for now.
Music has been a major part of my life since I was two years old, and my father bought me a Harmony electric guitar, which I still have. I started taking music seriously when I was fourteen, and have been in some kind of band / group ever since. Now I record everything alone, or record duets with my beautiful fiance Birgitta. I'm not the stereotypical, "I'm gonna be famous some day" type of musician. I record my stuff because I figure, "Hey, God gave me this talent and I should use it." I believe that without God, there would be no music. God is the reason for music, so all music should be performed for His Glory. I'm human, which means that I am not perfect. Keep this in mind when you hear this music. I hope you enjoy it, and it's a pleasure to be a part of this site.
Band/artist history
Born August 5, 1987. Recieved a Harmony electric and a Kustom amp at age two. Recieved a No-Name clasical guitar at age 11. Started taking drum lessons at Keys Ferry Baptist Church at age 11. Played the Ludwig set as the only drummer during a church service at age 12. Joined a band called "The Fairdalians" at age 12. Moved away and started actually learning to play guitar at age 14. Practice, practice, practice . . . Joined another band at age 15, and another at age 16. Continued to play and record in both bands until age 18. Recorded "Repent" at age 18, which made it to number 7 on the Soundclick grunge charts. Record, record, record, jam, jam, jam, practice, practice, practice . . . Still alive, learnin', and playin' guitar. Currently beginning work on a praise and worship album in collaboration with Jonathon House.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played as a musician at New Life Christian Ministries every Tuesday and Friday night for three years. Unfortunately, I moved too far away. The largest croud I have played for is about 150 to 200 people, and was not nervous because I knew most of them in some way. Playing alone can hardly compare to playing with a group. Playing alone is too easy sometimes. . .
Your musical influences
My greatest inspiration is Jesus. In more natural terms, as far as where I get my sound and tastes in music, I would say Southern Blues, Southern Rock, Southern Gospel, Soul Music, and the music at church, with some inspiration from the '60s. Christian comparisons include Jonah 33, Skillet, 3rd day, Thousand foot Krutch, Petra (especially OLD Petra), and others.
What equipment do you use?
'78 Hondo II Gibson Les Paul Copy ___ '89 Harmony W/ Epiphone LP Electronics ___ '06 Washburn USA Design W4 series 7-string w/ Buzz Feiten ___ '54 Statovox Japanese Electric Autographed by Jason Bauhnam ___ '?? Santa Rosa Dreadnought Acoustic ___ '6? Star (now Tama) Red/White/Blue Metal flake drum set ___ Rogue POJ 4-string bass ___ Fender Champion Combo ___ Huge Peavey 2-10 All-Tube Combo with Built-In Phaser ___ Peavey Custom Full-Stack ___ 196? Treynor Bass-Mate All-Tube Combo Several FX petals ___ Darla 24 computer interface ___ A TON of computer software ___ and my trusty (sort of) PC(s)
Anything else?
Anything? Are you SERIOUS? Well let me think . . .
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