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Ruby Red S h** (New One)
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LaSt BrEaTh On EaRth
Pepper Alley
The Hardest Part Of Skating
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Twilight Time
The Kittens and the Blue Raccoon Copyright 2003 SilkyTofu (aka R.S. Okuma) Kittens do laundry in pink moonlight Wash calico mittens and paws Delightful delectables, delicious, divine Lint balls cling to their claws The Blue Raccoon, a rascal thief Brings cat nip gifts, lollipop toys A red balloon, a bell that rings, ships, ships ahoy! Filled to the brim of a black velvet sack Slung down his shoulder and over his back Darling, darling kittens, he woos Your mother sleeps fast, deep in the woods Sent me to fetch you, without a delay No time to wonder, theres no time to play So come to the land of honey and milk drink out of bowls made of silk Into the sack they tripped and fell Over their mittens and under their tails The Blue Raccoon just chuckled and hummed His heart beat faster, his heart did drum Come to the land of honey and milk drink out of bowls made of silk Lullaby, lullaby, loodledeedumm His belly ripe, so round and plump A better meal could not have done Licking fingers sucking his thumbs Kittens taste like peppermint plumb Mittens make such furry wreaths But lint balls stick to teeth Lint balls stick to teeth Lullaby, lullaby, loodledeedumm
Band/artist history
The sad history of my People: The Great Jellybean War Copyright 2003 SilkyTofu (aka R.S. Okuma) Jellybean People from Lollipop Land Had candy cane feet and lemon drop hands Licorice bow ties, chocolate shoes Hats of bubble gum chew Call out the Jellies, away with the Troops Ten to a row, columns by two! Bows, arrows, and peppermint flutes Cinnamon swords, and gingerbread boots Away to Jollybean Land, they cried Theyre always so happy, so what do they hide? Must have a treasure, a Grape Jelly Mine Thats why theyre happy most all of the time Jollybean People were caught by surprise Jellybean Army came swarming like flies Into the streets of Jollybean Land Into the Jollybean Band! Join in our parade, they sang, Jellies are welcomed in Jollybean Land Give us your sweet little lemon drop hands And candy cane feet into dance The Jellybean King said, Aim for their toes Load up your arrows, pull back your bows But Jollybean People just pulled up their feet Rolled over and under and down the street Onto the shores of Jollybean Lake In banana split boats they made their escape The Jellybean Army swam after them too Ten to a row, columns by two! Melt candy cane feet, bubble gum chew Licorice bow ties, chocolate shoes Arrows and bows, peppermint flutes Cinnamon swords and gingerbread boots Turning the water in Jollybean Lake Into marmalade jam and gingerbread cake Jollybean People on Jollybean Lake Ate marmalade jam and gingerbread cake Year after year they would all celebrate The Jolly Great Jellybean War! The Jolly Great Jellybean War!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Mostly I play dead.
Your musical influences
Mostly I've been influenced by music that has had an influential impact on society...music society that is, when naturally that society is influencial in the business of music, or should I say in the art of music, which is far more influencial than road kill on the general population of raccoons and beavers, and of course Toyotas.
What equipment do you use?
I use very little equipment. However, I am quite expert at using a lawn mower, which sure beats cutting the grass with my nose hair clipppers.
Anything else?
The Boy and the Blue Magic Flute Copyright 2003 SilkyTofu (aka R.S.Okuma) There once was a boy with a blue magic flute Was found in the hollow, an old willow root He followed the beaver, tortoise and hare Discovered the flute was buried there Fluting the water song of streams Wind, rain and bird melodies The buzzy-bee sounds of sweet honey bees The hooty toot toot of owls in trees The Troll who slept in the old willow root Woke up and wanted his blue magic flute Who is the thief, where is the lute? The worm said, Follow the boy and his toot Down from the waterfall, over the hill In daffodil meadows where waters run still The grumpy old Troll caught up with the boy Boy, give me my flute, it isnt a toy! The boy played louder and whipped up a storm Lightning, thunder, tornadoes did form Lifted the Troll in a funnel of air High over mountains and rainbows somewhere As the boy grew older he looked like a Troll The blue magic flute had taken control Now sleeps in the hollow, an old willow root Listen now, listen hes playing his flute
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